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Our Curriculum

We love building faith.

K-12 Christian School in Janesville, Wisconsin

Here at Oakhill we use both Abeka and Bob Jones curriculum.

Both the Abeka and Bob Jones curriculum empowers our educators to shape each subject according to the lens of scripture. It also allows for each subject area to take on a new meaning when we can incorporate and apply biblical themes. The educational materials received are also academically sound. It uses hands-on learning, creative problem solving and other research-proven instructional strategies to motivate students to take an active role in their learning. The mission Bob Jones Curriculum is “To produce Christian educational materials with academic excellence from a biblical worldview.” This mission aligns well with Oakhill’s mission of, “Academic Excellence Centered on Christ.” 

We feel very blessed to be able to use a curriculum that is centered on Christ.

Upper Grades

General Fiction The Odyssey, The Count of Monte Cristo, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Great Gatsby, The Old Man and the Sea, The Scarlet Letter, Raggedy Dick, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit 

General Non-Fiction Socrates (Johnson), Walden, The Professor and the Madman, The Boys in the Boat, Anne Franke, Man’s Search for Meaning, Unbroken, The Right Stuff 

Founding of America 1776 (McCullough), Ben Franklin (Autobiography) 

Abolitionism, Slavery, Jim Crow Amazing Grace (Mataxes), First to Fall, 12 Years a Slave, Narrative of the Life of a Slave (Douglass), Up from Slavery, Teddy and Booker T.

Native Americans Blood Moon, Empire of the Summer Moon, Blackhawk (Trask), Killers of the Flower Moon

Industrial (Gilded) Age Nothing Like it in the World

Reform Era The Muckrakers (Bausum), Susan B. Anthony (Lutz), The Jungle, How the Other Half Lives, Ten Days in a Madhouse, The Woman They Could not Silence, Triangle (Von Drehle)

Nuclear Age (Bomb) Hiroshima (Hersey), The Girls of Atomic City

Dystopian Novels 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm


Lower Grades

General Fiction Berenstain Bears, Magic School Bus, Little Critter, Usborne Beginning Readers (Science/History), “I Survived” (series), Pippi Longstocking 

“Not” Fairytale booksv (series):

  • “Not Hansel and Gretel” 
  • “Not The Three Little Pigs” 
  • “Not Jack and the Beanstalk” 
  • “Not Little Red Riding Hood” 

“A Question of Yams” (Bible Class)

 “What if you had…” (series): 

  • “What if you had T. Rex Teeth?: and Other Dinosaur Parts” 
  • “What if you had an Animal Tongue?”
  • “What if you had Animal Eyes?”
  • “What if you had Animal Hair!?”
  • “What if you had an Animal Nose?
  • “What if you had Animal Teeth?”
  • “What if you had Animal Ears?”
  • “What if you had Animal Feet!?”
  • “What if you could Sniff like a Shark?”

Green Ember (series) (S.D. Smith), Wingfeather Saga (Andrew Peterson), Joshua, Choosing Courage, In His Steps, Secrets of the Vine, Billy Sunday, One Race, One Blood, Cheaper by the Dozen, Joni, Stomping out the Darkness, Teenage Manners, Hero Tales: Vol. I & Vol II, Little House on the Prairie, The Trumpet of the Swan, Swiss Family Robinson, Rascal

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